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tv   Headline News  RT  April 20, 2013 8:00pm-8:29pm EDT

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this was a follower of radical islam apparently moscow filed a request pointing out that. could join. groups outside the u.s. however nothing suspicious was found in the course of the f.b.i. analysis more on this from artie's an associate churkin in your boston. on saturday information has emerged quoting to local law enforcement officials who say that in fact the foreign government that had requested the united states question the older brother to me. was according to them the russian government saying that this older brother should be looked into in terms of his any possible links with extremist groups and from what we know the f.b.i. did in fact question him they took him in for questioning they were in fact tracking his social networking sites for quite some time but as we found out and discovered obviously the f.b.i. did not necessary at the time to keep following this young man because they did not
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find anything suspicious in his behavior back in two thousand and eleven we certainly know that obviously the arrest of the younger brother took place they're going to try to find out more about this exactly how soon and what exactly kind of connections the older and the younger brother might have had to extremist groups possibly outside the united states so we do know that the older brother twenty six year old to maryland did in fact traveled to the north caucuses back in january two thousand and twelve and he stayed there for about six months and there are certain suspicions that that could have been the time where all kind of his behavior changed and maybe his links to certain extremist groups increased the younger brother remains in a hospital in the boston area he is being treated last night we heard when he was arrested that he had suffered serious injuries there were certain rumors possibly that he had suffered some kind of spinal injury in the standoff between police that lasted for about two hours that we do know that he's in hospital right now and that
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all the legal proceedings will in fact kick off as soon as he gets all the medical treatment that's necessary for him to be able to function in this investigation. into some of the most dramatic and memorable pictures from for. manhunt in boston are available at r t dot com the news of the suspects capture sent a wave of public euphoria through the boston area those dramatic images are there in our special photo section where you can also see how the standoff unfolded now in an exclusive interview on our t.v. the mother of the two alleged bombers says one of her sons was hounded by the f.b.i. for several years she also claims that there is no way that either of them could have been involved in any terrorist attack or coaching of a travel to dog stand where the mother now lives to find out more about the family's back story. the investigation into the background of this have knives
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brothers has brought us here to this part of the capital of dagestan now this is the house where their parents live however as we try to reach them this morning it turned out that they fled to the neighboring region of chain to their relatives to avoid all the attention meanwhile this morning i managed to speak to the mother of the two brothers and she told me how devastated she is and that she still can't believe that her son may have been involved in the bomb in our house nobody talked about the terrorism my son. got involved in. you know. i really do believe that. he was told by a b i like by by the you what my. what action what. he was going how could this happen how could
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they were conjoined. never ever this is not my sons are in and those neighbors we spoke to are shocks they said that it was a very nice and a very quiet family. i know the brothers very well from the childhood we used to live in chechnya together. then we moved here i know they couldn't have carried out the attack and they couldn't have been involved in it they spent most of them in the u.s. studied. they didn't have any links with the hobbyists and other militants. the youngest brother john had on his social network spent back to this school number one in. those places where he used to study however here are very few people remember that saddam lives brother's. family came to darkest on in september two thousand and one with the boys. then they apparently managed to get papers. liev darkest on the left in less than a year they didn't spend
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a long time here and they didn't grow up they first entered the school together with their two sisters back in two thousand and one however for a very short period of time in two thousand and two they left to the united states . and moscow warned against a class in terrorism as either domestic or foreign right after the merge to the alleged bombers have links to russia's northern caucasus region new york's former mayor rudy giuliani has already admitted that the u.s. has for a long time turned a blind eye to terrorism in the north caucasus western media have tended to portray the armed groups in the mountainous region as freedom fighters. explains. when news broke of an unexpected north caucasus traced to the boston bombings literally every global media outlet was quick to put the word into their headlines told by a source that they fled the russian caucus to chechnya he is an ethnic chechen brothers are set to be ethnic chechens lived in kurdistan and darkest before coming
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to the u.s. the two suspects were branded as coming from a russian region close to chechnya indeed many may need reminding of the name and location of republic of the distance where the two supposedly came from but the word certainly rings bells probably because of the media headlines in the one thousand nine hundred and at the beginning of the new millennium that's when russia had a military operation in the north caucasus. russian troops deployed in the republic can finally be drawn that rebels fighting for independence off go have been dramatic you reduced it to them because the church of independence could no become the ultimate you can't that conflict often went beyond the borders of the chechen republic let's remember apartment buildings bombed in moscow a theater siege in the russian capital and a school takeover in russia's north thousands of civilians were killed but the man who had blood on their hands were often described as freedom fighters and rebels by the western media at times it even sounded like a romantic image the reality is that in the north caucasus russia has been fighting
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the same war which america embarked upon after the twin towers were brought down against global terrorism mosco never made a secret that those fighting on the side of the chechen militants were closely tied to al qaeda and were financed from abroad by terrorist organizations worldwide but it's only after nine eleven the transport bombings in madrid and london that understanding the notion that terrorism has no nationality has started to appear in the global media from freedom fighters to armed dangerous terrorists most wanted man in america years have passed media labels have changed the question is whether it change in attitude towards a common enemy will follow in due course or to select the reporting for us now brian levin director of the center for the study of eight and extremism at california state university of san bernardino says in the light of the events in boston the u.s. must turn the spotlight on the security situation at home. the domestic situation united states is that we are reasonably secure but it's not failsafe and i think
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it's been proven two young men had a major american city on lockdown and that speaks volumes we had something similar in southern california with someone who was an ideologically motivated extremist having the whole community shut down so i think that we've gotten a bit complacent but we've also had law enforcement training and put in place reasonable security measures the fact of the matter is terrorism is going to continue in the united states we had a string of dozens of plots both from a domestic extremist and and foreign sympathetic extremist if you will and most of them are unsuccessful so it's when is that shot going to go into the goal and that's what we worry about we could have mass casualties and any time in the united states or in europe when some of these folks are successful the plots keep coming and we want to hear from you tell us what you think the boston bombing investigation it could unfold at r t v dot com right now let's take
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a look at the statistics and how it's unfolding the numbers have been changing slightly through the night so far the biggest portion of you this big blue section fifty nine percent say that the second suspect will die in the hospital the next level down this pink group eighteen percent say that the brothers will be found guilty and that they acted on their own the twelve percent group yellow here say that a nother mastermind the true mastermind behind the bombings will be revealed and then the smallest group eleven percent say that a third suspect will surface of taking the investigation down a completely new path of course you can head to our web site and have your say we want to hear from you. hopes for iraq's new beginning dwindle as tensions increase ahead of the latest election blasts shaking the air near polling stations across the country during the first vote since the us troops to withdraw over
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a year ago. and anti-government protesters in bahrain and call on the international community to stop ignoring human rights violations in the kingdom the head of the formula one grand prix there this weekend more on this and other stories coming up your way right after a short break on r.t. .
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i. removed about international airport in the very heart of moscow. and welcome back here with our team iraq's first election since u.s. combat troops pulled out over a year ago has been overshadowed by attacks reports of blasts and mortar fire near firing your polling stations are mounting at the end of a campaign that has seen a spike in violence in recent weeks with more than
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a dozen candidates assassinated and sectarian tensions rising it doesn't look like in the new beginning that many hoped for and is losing confidence reports from baghdad. there's been about a dozen small explosions in northern cities in iraq in three different areas as well as several rounds of mortar fire that have landed in several cities polling stations targeting polling stations south of baghdad we're hearing that there have been injuries but no casualties confirmed as of yet now this comes amid incredibly tight security restrictions here all across iraq even getting to the studios here in baghdad we have to pass multiple checkpoints and what these attacks indicate is that despite these security restrictions determined insurgents are still able to carry out waves of violence and of course this comes on the heels on the heels of numerous attacks that have rocked iraq in recent months and weeks now what we're hearing from voters here is that the corruption is really the number one concern
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they feel that of corruption was addressed in these kinds of attacks wouldn't really be taking place so much well most of them happened blames on the insurgency the revived insurgency of al qaida in iraq there are it's clear by talking to voters that there are plenty of other parties and political interests that are vested in this wave of violence and we do know that elections have been postponed in a third of iraq. including the controversial anbar province where large scale demonstrations have been taking place over the past three months against this government we here at r.t. had a chance to get into a very difficult journey despite the roadblocks despite a ban on journalists to actually enter the area but we want to find out what the people there have to say about these elections and about the situation in iraq today and let's play you that report right now this is rather a dangerous area for me that's why i'm dressed like this i'm trying to not attract as much attention foreign journalists have been banned from covering these protests
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from enjoying the ambar province altogether and al qaeda elements are still here in fact among the crowd you'll see from black flags later on when we go into to the crowd. which have been associated with al qaeda groups the protesters have been demanding more equality they feel like they've been discriminated by the shiite led government of nouri al maliki they want a change in power in politics they want more rights they want more quality they also want a different political system now the amber province course has been the heart of the insurgency and the war now it's the heart of the anti-government protests perhaps a fault line of sorts that threatens to divide iraq let's go and talk to some of the people. who don't believe in this election we don't believe in it because it's sick tarion sectarian sectarian. the candidates for the government the system is unjust which is why we are promising here we are demanding change to the constitution and this government
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these people will not be turning out to vote for saturday's provincial elections the first election since americans have left from the country in december of one zero eleven the government has postponed elections and several sunni provinces of the anbar province were located right now as well as in beit province the government says this is because of security and indeed attacks have been escalating over the past weeks and months but most of the iraqis that you speak to here say that this is not the case it's politically motivated of course the recent weeks have proven just that a bloody backdrop to the elections numerous attacks all across the country have killed scores of civilians there's been political assassinations of candidates running for office political gatherings have been targeted on thursday a car bomb took place in baghdad in a largely sunni area in a cafe internet shop where a lot of young people tended to go out it's a situation that's reflective of the state of iraq today
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a country that has been torn apart by war but doesn't seem to be any closer to healing the wounds in the divisions that have been on the. during that occupation artie takes a closer look at what life in iraq has been like since the american troops left revelations from across the spectrum in baghdad a taxi documentary coming up in just under ten minutes time right here on r.t. . as a mirror image of iraq story a. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the road to danger. we're getting from north to see. the route of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. talks e r t as a sunday is a formula one grand prix in bahrain heads of for the starting line the
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pro-democracy protests are also revving up and of thousands have turned out in recent days accusing in the event of racing on their blood they blocked roads with burning tires and hurled a petrol bombs at riot police who responded with tear gas the bahraini regime is also getting tough on foreign journalists trying to cover the crackdown a british t.v. crew is the latest to be deported from the country there have been more than two years of protests often ending in violence as more than seventy people killed on both sides the country's most famous human rights activist not be a real job is serving a jail sentence for posting anti-government messages on twitter activist muhammad explains why protesters are so farias about the formula one race being hosted in the kingdom. this government doesn't do their role like the grand prix this is they were and have been all. this systematic torture and they have faced discrimination against it but we have a majority of the people so this student should be on sanctions it should not be
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awarded events that the gram agree or any other and they talk about using it to get rich what's happening now is not to be true for it is what's happening now is bringing that asked misery is not the prosperity we're now living again in this security breach and just because of the wrong thing they want to the group that. they don't make mistakes by doing more mistakes and preventing peaceful activists like you know what you will only get really get the screech and roast them back. and you can head to our two dot com to see our special section on bahrain with all of the latest on the run up to the grand prix race please stay with us as we provide full coverage over the weekend as the events unfold. also there for you at r.t. dot com i read about the natural disaster the destruction of a huge earthquake in the southern part of the country that left one hundred fifty
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people dead and the death toll is continuing to rise you can learn more on that story and follow live up to. a spa treatments at gyms and even a television hall saudi arabia is pushing toward revolutionary views on treating jailed al qaeda extremists for more details on the website. the u.s. secretary of state has announced one hundred twenty three million dollars in nonlethal aid and he said it will be sent to the syrian rebels john kerry says the new round of assistance will go beyond the current provisions of food and medicine but did not go into any specifics he also stated that the u.s. is going to expand its military presence. in the country it all came during a joint media conference at the friends of syria meeting in istanbul the meeting of eleven states is potentially a turning point for the rebels expect their international backers to try and promises into action they want their western and arab allies to provide the arms
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they need to topple the regime of bashar al assad but the meeting comes against a backdrop of mounting concerns over extremist groups within the rebel ranks. explains. the meeting in turkey comes when the situation around syria is heating up dramatically and the countries will decide to go are losing patience and while the gender is unclear the raw indicators of a military solution could be discussed in istanbul just ahead of the seventeen nation group conference britain and france informed the un that they have credible evidence that syria used chemical weapons at least once while the u.n. investigation over the issue is told to major european powers have stated that soil samples witness interviews and opposition sources prove nerve agents were used in and around the cities of aleppo homs and damascus it hasn't been specified which side did it but president obama had earlier made it clear no matter who is going to utilize chemical weapons once it happens it will be a red line and while u.s.
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officials have stressed the deterrent effect of such remarks many have taken it as a clear signal of a possible military intervention the mission in turkey also comes just days after america's defense secretary said around two hundred u.s. troops who have a sense of jordan's border with syria to both of jordan's training and defense capabilities as one jordanian minister later commented they have also been unconfirmed reports that the u.s. agreed to deploy to pay for missile batteries at the border his response today and in authorities and syrian opposition requests in another significant twisted to put a looser front to the most effective force fighting to topple assad recently confirmed it had links to al qaida something america claimed months before blacklisting the group as. terrorist organization but even off of these revelations they had of the syrian national coalition then relit united and political and military opposition groups and recognized by the majority of the friends of syria group referred to as brothers russia has warned the meeting in istanbul could have
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a negative effect in promoting dollars between the sides of the conflict and in its common sense will prevail written off not seen from middle east. let's take a swing around the globe to take a look at some other news making headlines this hour hundreds of people in new delhi have been protesting after a five year old girl was allegedly raped tortured and kept in captivity for nearly forty hours they have arrested a man over the attack the girl is in a stable condition but medics fear that she will need surgery due to her severe injuries have been months of angry protest over the mistreatment of women in india india sparked by the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a bus in the capital last december. more than five thousand opposition supporters have marched in montenegro claiming that the recent presidential vote was rigged chanting anti-government slogans and carrying banners the protesters called for a new ballot the opposition candidate. was the only challenger to be incumbent
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president. re on a bitch who was declared the winner by v. electoral commission montenegro's opposition continues to boycott the parliament launched a day after the election. tens of thousands of people have taken the streets of stafford in england to protest against the withdrawal of the hospital services demonstrators marched from the town center to the hospital claiming that the cuts will lead to losses of life and put other locals hospitals under strain stafford has faced criticism over poor standards of health care and has been blamed for hundreds of deaths but marchers say the hospital has greatly improved and they are optimistic about the future. serbia and. kosovo have reached the e.u. brokered deal on normalizing ties between the two countries belgrade which is striving for membership agreed to cede its control over northern kosovo but its police and appeal court will remain in the region the move has been condemned by
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the country's opposition which calls for the country's political neutrality and demands the e.u. bid to be dropped kosovo unilaterally declared independence in two thousand and eight region has been highly volatile for decades with years of ethnic violence along its northern border with serbia. two people have been injured by gunshots fired out of marijuana celebration marking a counter-culture holiday in denver up to eighty thousand participants gathered in a park when shots were fired police are looking for up to two suspects celebration is the first colorado in washington made marijuana legal for recreational use. up next a decade after the u.s. led invasion of iraq we take you on a trip across the country baghdad taxi is next here on our team.
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oh no lazy bureaucratic and trivial censorship strikes again but this time in russia a bill has been signed into law that will put fines on individuals and legal entities for using vulgar already in the media one major flaw of many with this is that they really don't know which words are going to be considered vulgar i guess these words are so awful that they cannot even write them down i'm not naïve there has always been and will always be censorship but this where wordless is just silly there is a common expression on the russian internet that russian mainstream media could accept more and i was ation of society russian t.v. does have all the bloody violent action movies as well as scandalous talk shows which are kind of like freak shows and plenty of reality t.v. where young people pretty much act like subhuman animals in a cage they've got all that so the government is basically saying that if some guy
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on t.v. comes down twenty people blooded limbs flying that that is totally ok for television unless they come out for bid swear while doing it you can show brainless materialistic dimwits sleeping and fighting with everything that moves on a reality show but if they say that one magic three letter russian word then it is over the line this is not a logical way to conduct censorship but that's just my opinion.
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the new cover international airport in the very heart of moscow. visiting the general hospital in fallujah is like living it was a nightmare. children with two heads tumors malformations missing limbs and macao been unbearable little they say every family here is sheltering or hiding a deformed monstrous child. who had to. get away and the grandmother you know my daughter cries all day long it but she hopes to see her daughter get better. but. i deeply affected i leave the city with its newborn monsters.
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we head for baghdad on the banks of the tigris. to. baghdad can be translated as the garden of peace. but it's a better fragile peace the patrols are iraqi wearing uniforms supplied by the u.s. the army is divided by political religious and tribal conflicts everyone fights for his own camp. the president is kurd the prime minister shia and the parliament is run by so nice. i was wrong was. in the paradise square opposite the royal mosque stands a concrete pedestal. here once stood.